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CRISS CP/M technical reference

This document contains technical data that is required to use and understand CRISS CP/M computer.


CRISS CP/M is a single-board personal computer.

Basic features:

  • Power supply requirements: 120-230 AC
  • Maximal consumption: 10 W
  • Operational conditions: standard dry office/home environment
  • Temperature range: form +5 to +40 C
  • Water protection: No

Please take into account that it is not industrial of automotive device, do not expect too much from it! But in the standard home conditions it is very reliable.

PCB structure

All components except power switch are located on the single double-sided PCB 130x100 mm, mounting holes are optimized for the GIANTA G738 enclosure.


Important! The PCB has direct connection to the high-voltage power line. For the maintenance procedure alternative external 5V 1A power supply connected to the 5V DC control socket must be used!

Firmware uploading and MCU re-programming

Переходник USB-UART

To install the updates you need a USB to UART adapter and a Windows PC to run the software that installs the updates. The adapter must support a transfer rate of at least 57600 baud. When connected, a new COM port will appear in the system, check the port number in the OS Device Manager. If necessary, install the drivers provided with the adapter.

Расположение разъёма для внутрисхемного программирования

To install the updates, proceed as follows

  • switch off the power of the computer;
  • open the case by removing the two fixing screws from the bottom of the case;
  • very carefully remove the top cover to avoid damaging the cable to speaker attached to the top of the case;
  • connect the adapter to the internal system programming connector, observing the order of connection (from left to right pins Rx, Tx, GND of the adapter), usually white - green - black, the red wire of the adapter must be securely isolated;
  • run the bat-file of the installation package with the number of the COM-port as a parameter - the program will start and go into standby mode;
  • turn on your computer - boot-up will start automatically accompanied by SYS indicator flashes and audible signals;
  • when the installation is complete, power off the computer, disconnect the adapter, place the top cover and fasten it with the mounting screws.

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