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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that is not covered by the "Support" section of this site please don't hesitate to ask emailing to, don't forget mention CRISS in the Subject.

What about CRISS CP/M localization?

CRISS by default is localized for Russian alphabet and keyboard but it is possible to replace it with your local requirements. Nothing special, just fill out some decoding tables. Firmware uploading procedure allows to replace it without full reprogramming.

The power input via HLK-5M05 should work on 120 V/60 Hz?

On the body it is mentioned then input voltage is "100-260" so I hope it should be supported. In any case there is an optional DC input on the PCB that you can use with the external socket on the back panel.

Ethernet, what exactly does it support? (I mean, DHCP, ping, telnet)?

For this firmware version it responds ARP and supports UDP transactions. LAN support is incorporated into the BIOS and you can use it via standard Puhch/Reader commands. IP/MAC for that case is pre-fixed via the system console (see image). Also it supports transparent mapping of input/output/printer BIOS functions to the LAN, you can use this feature for the remote control or monitoring, no coding required :) In future version some basic TCP support probably will be added. ICMP definitely no, telnet may be considered as an outgoing tool (just write it), remote control is already the basic option.

UART/RS232 is that 3.5mm jack with TxD, RxD on the front panel?

There are both of them: the system UART is the 3.5mm jack on the front panel and the MPS socket on the back panel carries RS-232 signal, external DB9 socket is assumed. Actually MPS plug holding 3 interfaces: keyboard, RS-232 and LPT via the special adapter, PCB for that is available. In the basic version MPS is a standard 6-pin minidin socket for the keyboard only. There are also some tricks if you need just ask me.

I did not find a diagram of the PCB layout/part assembly, is it available?

Sure. PCB layout pls find at the the hackaday project page. Source codes are available on the Github.

What floppy images are supported?

Actually, CRISS CP/M supports floppies that are configured in the BIOS. In this version it is 819 kB images, compatible with Robotron PC 1715, two floppy drives are supported. After tuning number and format of disks can be changed if you really need it. SD-card may contain up to 32 floppy image that can be assigned to any drive from the system console but from the user program you are able to use up to 128 images, using "hidden" images for the data.

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