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How to assemble CRISS CP/M computer at home?

How to manage diskette images?

The standard FAR and CPMTOOLS software packages are used to work with floppy disk images, configured accordingly. Correct setting of these programs provides the most convenient mode of work with disk images. Below please find pre-configured packets for download.

There are special programs that allow you to deal with CRISS CP/M SD cards.

Файл / FileНазначениеDescriptionВерсия / VersionДата / Date
R1715upl.exeПрограмма для загрузки обновленийFirmware uploading program1.
R1715upl.1.7.exeПрограмма для загрузки обновлений - устарелаFirmware uploading program - outdated1.730.11.2021
R1715sd.exeПрограмма для управления образами SD-картCRISS SD-card access program0.
bmp2cri.exeПрограмма преобразования картинок формата BMP во внутренний формат CRIImage converter from b/w BMP to CRI format0.1

Работа с дисками в менеджере FAR

To work with diskette images, the standard Far Manager and CPMTools package software packages are required, but both tools are to be configured accordingly.

The pre-configured Far or other manager with the Multiarc plugin allows you to work with CRISS CP/M SD cards and images of the * .cpm diskette. You need to have a set and configured CPMTools package in the /CPMTools folder of the hard disk (these package requirements must be a configuration file for this address), this path should be added to the PATH system variable, the R1715SD.exe executable file must lie in the same directory or In any other, necessarily registered in Path. If there is no possibility to register Path, then in the settings of the Custom.ini file, you must specify the full names of the files.

To access the SD card, a file named like E.CRISS, where E (first letter) is the actual name of your local SD-card drive, need to be created. The opening of this file in the special configuration of Far manager from this site will allow you to work with the diskette images as with an ordinary file system.

Please note that only USER 0 files are supported in the current configuration.

Файл / FileТипНазначениеDescriptionДата / Date
FARCRISS x64Загрузка / DownloadПортабл-версия файлового менеджера FAR с настроенным плагином MULTIARCFar manager with Multiarc plugin
FARCRISS x32Загрузка / DownloadПортабл-версия файлового менеджера FAR с настроенным плагином MULTIARCFar manager 32 bit version with Multiarc plugin
custom.iniЗагрузка / DownloadНастройки плагина Multiarc для FarFar Multiarc plugin settings25.10.2021
CPMTOOLS 2.21Ссылка / LinkПакет программ CPMTOOLS, преднастроенный для работы с образами дискет 819 кБ - официальный релизOfficial CPMTOOLS package
CPMTOOLSЗагрузка / DownloadВерсия CPMTOOLS с исправленной ошибкой некорректной обработки прописных букв в именах файлах. Отличается от официальной, публикуется с разрешения автораPatched CPMTOOLS package with improved processing of lowercase characters in file names
Win32 Disk ImagerСсылка / LinkПрограмма для записи образов на SD-картыTool for SD-card image writing

All executable files are for the Windows (any version, console programs) but if you want to port it to other platforms please write a request - source code and protocol specification is not a secret.

How to use CRISS CP/M as a control platform?

CRISS CP/M is an ideal control platform for you homebrew projects and not only to that! Why?

  • it has the widest range of development tools and programming languages: exciting Z80 Assembler Basic, C, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, ...
  • all standard communication interfaces are on the board: Ethernet, UART, RS-232, I2C, firmware supports CAN user module;
  • standard LPT/GPIO module gives you 24 GPIO channels;
  • easy use of custom SPI module(s).

But the most attractive feature is that you can split your CRISS CP/M into two blocks: one has CPU, RAM and EEPROM chips (and optionally peripheral controller and Ethernet) and the second has the VGA and SD, firmware allows running CRISS CP/M in such "naked" mode.

Very easy and open schematic and architecture allow to redesign it in SMD format and use as an embedded device to what you can connect extension module via just 8-wire connector and debug and upgrade it from the internal!

If you need more instructions here please write you requests for that!

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