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Tindie shop link

The easiest way to get the DIY kit of pre-assembled computer is to buy it at our store at Tindie. If you have any questions or need any custom option, special delivering, payment option please report it to, do not forget to mention CRISS in the message subject.

DIY Kits


We're ready to send you CRISS CP/M DIY kits for Standard or Maximal version. But if you need just PCB please don't hesitate to ask.

VGAYes, 25x80 chars, 160x96 px, greenYes, 25x80 chars, 160x96 px, green
SD-card supportYesYes
KeyboardStandard PS/2, direct connectionStandard PS/2, via the adapter
RS-232/PrinterNoYes, via the adapter
GPIONoYes, via the adapter
Melody generatorYes, built-in speakerYes, built-in and external speaker
Real-time clockNoYes, with backup battery
Powering120-230 VAC120-230 VAC
OSCP/M 2.2CP/M 2.2

Our kits contains 100% components you need to build your CRISS CP/M including the power cord and case foots and includes all improvements that were done in order to improve operational stability.

Both versions have the same PCB and firmware so at any time you will be able to upgrade from Standard to Max version, there are no components that require programming. The only problem is that you'll need to replace MPC socket from 6pin Minidin to 8pin Minidin/

For more details please refer to DIY kits info section or send request to, don't forget to mention CRISS in the subject.

Computer Description

The most detailed description is published in the Russian magazine "Radio", №№ 1-6 for 2021. You can buy it with descriptions in a hard or pdf form. Sorry, but only Russian version is available.

Обложка Радио 1 2021

For more details please refer to the website of the magazine at

Fully assembled and configured CRISS CP/M

Like DIY kits the fully assembled and pre-programmed device can be ordered in two versions:

  • Standard: you're getting standard CP/M computer as retro-computer;
  • Maximal: Ethernet, RTC, ROM are added and you're getting modern computer with CP/M OS!

All computers will come pre-programmed and ready-to use. SD-card with basic programs also is available for ordering.

Please ask any questions to

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